How we work

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How we work

Although all our client requirements are different, our loyalty towards achieving their individual financial objectives remains consistent.

Whether major intermediary work or a small loan is needed, a mortgage is required, or refinancing is being sought, the first Step-Up to Finance is to speak with us.

We’re not obliged to a single lender or lending institution: Our clients have the advantage of working directly with our broker from an initial exploratory conversation, through to progression and conclusion.

Rational planning, rather than immediate gain, is always relied upon as the core of our business philosophy of planning, strategy and review – and we always apply this to our clients circumstances for their own personal benefit, as well as part of being our internal processes.

We understand various demands are applied to financial procedures and businesses and our aim is to remove as much stress or pressure as possible.

Being broker innovators, we actively encourage as much communication as each client feels they need during the process towards a result and, for further peace of mind, we insist our clients receive regular updates in whatever format they prefer.

We’re honest in that by coming to us you might not always be able to get what you want but you’ll be taking steps in the right direction to what might be needed.

Direct contact is maintained with our intermediary throughout all the procedural steps to solving problems to prevent exacerbation. We sever difficulties quickly and are committed to providing a service that ensures our clients are taking the next step towards achieving their goals.

We offer great value to businesses and people who can appreciate the time and attention that will be given to them, as we help each individual case to look outside the box, by bypassing traditional paths and use our expert knowledge and experience to deliver results that offer the best value packages for their needs.

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