Step-Up Finance is for Independent Business Owners.

A pathway to funding – a Step-Up to Finance – We offer business owners an efficient connection to finance facilities and solutions.To keep up with changes (and the effects of changes) businesses evolve; sometimes the passageway needs finance to meet those changes.

There are bank lenders, non-bank lending and different product types for commercial purchasing, property purchasing, extending terms, decreasing amounts, restructuring your plans in business, whether Limited Company, LLP or sole trader…. and Step-Up can get you to them.

We do charge – you couldn’t do your job for free, and neither can we – But we’ll talk with you (a lot) before you make any decisions. Our diligent way of working means everything is confirmed in writing before anything is chargeable.

Using our Service is an investment for your business because, although we’ll do the work, you’ll learn how the system works and develop your knowledge and understanding to remain the best person to manage your money: YOU.


So you want to know who you’ll work with?  Read more here….

The aim of this website is to give you a feel for the type and range of services which Step-Up Finance  has to offer. For more information or any further questions please contact the office or drop us an email and we would be pleased to assist your query in more detail.



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