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Michael Hird

Principal and Founder 

Michael is a seasoned financial specialist, who comes from a background that combines building engineering, project management, commercial finance and residential mortgages.

Previously to creating Step-Up Finance more than two decades ago, he worked as Senior Development Engineer for a leading UK building components manufacturer and Executive Structural Engineer for a building products manufacturer and contractor.

His quantitative and qualitative knowledge is integrated into the mix of financial understanding to contribute significant support for business owners.


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Rate Hikes at The Ready?

There was no surprise whilst reading, in the latest BoE Agents’ Report, that ‘credit availability for Corporates was generally accommodative’. However, ‘some evidence of increased discrimination in lending decisions in a toughening macroeconomic environment’ had me rubbing my chin, questioningly. Not for the smaller business or individual, but, for the giants of business since 2007, [...]

Prepare To Take Control

I don’t need to tell anyone that when a back is against a wall, fear levels rise, or, the default response to stress can be reaching out for the first thing that distracts from the surrounding reality. We’ve all experienced fear at some point. Stress is but fear thinly spread. I also don’t need to [...]

How It Works – Getting Ready for Property Development

There are still reasonable margins to be had from developing existing property and new building. As always, start with the finances and keep in mind that summer property prices appear not to carry the same winter price tag… but they can sell quicker…      Thoroughly check: 1) ‘True’ profit - Whether short, medium or [...]

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