We don’t want to start with an apology, but we have to because you might be disappointed; we have no endorsements from the business owners we’ve worked with, sorry.

Marking out our integrity, we believe a client or customer endorsement, in our field, is a contradiction to their privacy.

That doesn’t mean we’re not transparent.

Throughout the last just over twenty years, of independent vocation of giving out the facts, we’ve been nothing else.

Our mantra; plan, strategy, review, might put you off but, for that, we make no apology.  True to independence, we ally with independent business owners to support them in accessing finance and funding solutions.  Whether business or personal needs, we’re fixated on strategy, capability and realistic outcomes.

Normal doesn’t exist for our office hours (they’re whatever our clients deem normal), lenders (we’re not tied to specific lenders), products (we’re not tied to specific products).  For us, normal is having impartiality towards the range of solutions accessible to the independent business owner and a bias of sound advice, expertise in the understanding of finance access routes and pride in knowing those are the standards our clients expect.

So, apologies for not having personal endorsements, instead, some people we’d endorse…


Sir Tim Berners-Lee

Aung San Suu Kyi

Dr Martin Luther King

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