How we use Twitter

Mini mind-bites, debates and ideas are enough reason for us to be distracted at junctures of the day to ‘wonder what’s happening in the window to the world today?’  Twittersphere’s unique people / place  140 character perspectives give us opportunity to informally make diverse connections.  That’s why we use it.

We enjoy tweets that are insightful, useful, that we can learn from or that add some fun and a smile to our day.  We like to post links to any comments, viewpoints, concepts and events we come across that we find interesting; minutia to big ideas that matter to us and we consider worth sharing.   We’re not so good on the personal tweets (read uninteresting), the bits about how tired we are, what the kids are doing or what we ate for breakfast, but if someone wants to know, it’s the place to ask us.

Should you have anything that you think might be of particular interest to us, providing that you’re not selling to us direct, we’ll appreciate your message, pointing us in the direction of something we might be missing, @stepupfinance  or if you follow us, as a Direct Message. Twitter is a great distracter and we are at work, therefore please bear with us; all your messages will be responded to, but not always immediately.

We look forward to connecting with you.

Watching The Twees Change.


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