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The official line focuses on solid financial foundations for small firms, self-employed and property ownership. The bottom line is that wherever you happen to be, let the balance go up for you.


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What we do

Whatever your starting place, help steer you towards your goal.
Find Products and Lenders – Give you the pros and cons, the advantages and disadvantages.
Our blueprint is to work with your blueprint. If you do not need our service, we will tell you. If you cannot improve your finance, we will tell you.
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Frequently Asked Questions

We recognise that everyone has unique circumstances. However, there are a few common questions we’re often asked by customers when they first contact us.
What type of help are your clients looking for?
Some are going around in circles and need help in finding a way through what seems like a never-ending maze of increasing debt. Some have spare change and a plan, and need advice in how they can keep hold of some of their change and get their plan rolling. No matter where someone is on their financial road, they are looking to take charge of their finance.
What limitations will I face?
Step-Up is Independent – Lenders and products are delivered from across the market sector (no incentives, no ties). Your story is important and relevant for you. The importance for lenders is your story and relevant data. The primary limitation is matching the two.
What are the financing costs?
Being conscious of fees and costs is an important part of the financing process. Fees and Charges are everywhere. Lenders charge an Arrangement or Product Fee (with sometimes a Booking or Application Fee). Solicitor or Legal Fees can apply. When property is connected to finance, lenders charge a Valuation Fee, the Surveyor may charge another Fee. Conveyancing, Stamp Duty, and Land Registry Fees might apply. A broker/mortgage broker might charge a Fee; Step-Up Finance charges a capped Service Fee. The amount is dependent on the work instructed and is discussed transparently, in privacy, with the client during a Free Consultation.