A Cafe with No Coffee…. but it’s Free

How refreshing to hear of someone who wants to leave their place of work rather than being pushed.  Margaret, the Ying to Nick’s Yang, has handed in her notice to Sir Alan, as right hand (shoulder) ‘man’  and, like all difficult to replace employees, she will be sorely missed.

The majority of those who are out of work are not in a place of their choosing. With unemployment  rising, school leavers and students  about to spill out into the 3rd quarter of the year and the debate about gender gap continuing,  it is understandable to hear of the desperate and admirable measures, such as the wearing of placards extolling  predicament and availability, being taken by individuals.

Whilst the economy is  rooting around for green shoots , we still believe  in the strength of growth from downturns. Very recently we heard of a successful new business,  LaidOffNeedaJob ,  born  directly from the experience of unemployment.  For obvious reasons, we hope this will be a short-term success however the sentiment of not being unemployed and isolated is relevant.

Something , which can be especially effected by disheartening  unemployment statistics, is usually,  an immediate requirement for most employers: A quality CV.  The Interview stage of  The Apprentice  illustrates, via lots of rabbits caught in headlights, the raw exposure of the interview process and CV revelations.  Ali Deegan’s CV Cafe offers a CV build service for free.  Along with tips and advice your CV can also be stored online ready for your potential employer…. How brilliant is that?   There’s only one downside…. you make the coffee.

(Image credit: Chairman Moneko  Article credit: Copyright SUF)