New Price

I’ve just consumed a half-packet of Mint Oreos and could easily munch my way through the other half during the afternoon. Cold weather and carbs are the essences of a UK winter. As my thoughts turn to a couple of days of treats not usually found in the kitchen cupboards, I’m reminded of the interesting ‘The Twelve Days of Christmas’ price calculation done by PNC Bank.
Measuring the price changes in the sample group of gifts items – The price of the gifts in the song are added together (total 78 items) and for a core Price-Index, the swans (being the most expensive and presumably a rare commodity) are removed. The cost of birds is taken from National averages, the cost of milkmaids is taken as the Federal minimum wage, dancers are derived from the salaries of female dancers, while the Lords-a-leaping is derived from the salaries of male dancers; similarly pipers and drummers. So, the price of this Christmas is estimated at $39,094.93.
Most of the gifts remained around the same price, however, the geese took the accolade for the most changed price with an 8.3% jump, with the musicians bumped up by 3.5%, meaning it’s a good year for any piper-charming geese, especially when looking at the cumulative cost of all the gifts when each repetition of the song is counted (364 gifts) – The bill rises to $170,609.46.
Makes my Christmas Price Index look an absolute bargain.
Article credit: Copyright SUF © 2018
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