Reflecting, I noticed that my clients for the last year had changed. In short, the common denominator is that none were looking for an average loan or mortgage product. These are focused people whose expectations needed a service that could deliver those expectations – even for those with challenges circling like sharks. Each one had raised their bars and decided they wanted an injection of precision: some to the point of wanting their breath taken away.
The Faulty Mortgage:
Pat (I’ve changed the name for obvious reasons and to fit in with the title) was looking to a commercial re-mortgage and making savings and decided to go the distance for a few weeks in the Search Engine maze, followed up (for a clearer picture) with a call to the Bank. As with Alexis, the outcome for Pat wasn’t ‘computer says no’, instead, ‘computer says yes but you’re not going to like it and you won’t understand it’. Even more weeks later and almost ready to give up and take the only option on offer, Pat still didn’t want to miss out even though the idea of making any savings were slipping away and energy levels were depleted from frustration and wasted time. Pat dug deep and managed to find a burst of entrepreneurial energy (and my email address) whilst looking for a reliable perspective … and we put our heads together. We figured out what was wanted (all those weeks ago) and what was needed (now). Mistakes and misunderstandings were looked at, run-arounds were taken care of and the build-up of frustration was deflated.
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