Today, I am proud to have achieved reaching the 25th year of my working independently in the world of finance solutions. My watershed of changing gear and flying solo felt right the year the UK Eurovision entry gave out other advice – ‘Better the Devil You Know’ – but I chose to move in another direction.

As anyone who’s started out on their own will appreciate, there have been Ups …. and Downs. For example, when someone is trying to get a grip of their finances they often have expectations of what they want and, to help them succeed, I give best practical advice but it’s never easy when I remove a financial security blanket made by the same tailor as the `Emperor’s New Clothes’. Over the years, rules for working with people and their money have changed, but the responsibility hasn’t.

I intentionally started as a so-called one-man band with the ethos of `team’ made from the random ‘partnering’ with customers. My competencies, placed at the heart of my business, meet with customers’ skill, their self-awareness, being at the heart of themselves and their business, to form a working team, from outset, for making a series of complex and crucial decisions.

Reflecting on the past two decades (plus) of my teaming-up with individuals, who are able to thoroughly consider their options and alternatives, for their action plan and chances of success, gave a moment of realisation for the ones who took their opportunity: the re-mortgager who sends a thank-you each time their property is altered, the salvaging and renovation of businesses, and the couple I was humbly toasted at their wedding for the home they never thought they’d have.

Coming out of Black Wednesday, all along the way of the subprime mortgage crisis and a credit crunch, there have been some challenging times … yet I’ve never introduced a customer to RBS.

Thank you to all my customers and clients, I am appreciative and honoured that you believed in my abilities (even when we’re up against the challenges) to get the job done. Each one of you has contributed to the refinement of my experience and value offering of expertise to share with the next person. And, thank you to the good guys in the lending wilderness, not the ones who work hard at lending to people who don’t need to borrow, I refer the others out there who are an essential part of a customer’s team because you’ll work through a challenge and their ups and downs.

Our Eurovision entry in this significant year is ‘Storm’. My advice? There will always be storms – its how you navigate them.

Image and Article credit: Copyright SUF © 2018