The British Inventor – Going for Gold

Fixations come and go, however, the one outstanding compulsion we British seem to have is talking about the weather. And who can blame us with our inclement climates? Reporting Reaction is the consequence, and conversation based in rotten weather as the automatic response we’re all guilty of, takes over. “Isn’t it cold, rainy, snowy, windy, dull, cloudy or whatever, today?”


Extreme Reporting Reaction only follows hot or sunny weather and recently our corner of Britain has had us on overdrive. The sun and its heat brings along more than just the obvious to talk about with often the most prominent points of discussion being the need for cool air, shade or liquids. What would it be like to not have access to these, especially with long term heat? Which couldn’t we cope without? Come to think of it, chatting over drinks one balmy evening, what couldn’t we live without in general, heat or no heat? Putting aside drug of choice, we couldn’t think of anything more important than the Elixir of Life; Water. A complex substance that has the power to destroy or sustain.


Throughout history, in the arts, embedded in sciences, water is so familiar to us that we pay little attention to it and rely on others to make that effort; especially for the times that water becomes a destructive element. Who are these people that offer up answers to such problems? Politicians? Celebrities? No, the real problems throughout history have been answered by Scientists, Engineers and Inventors….. so finding one with all three abilities is pure Gold. Enter (to which you could also add magician) Michael Pritchard.  This guy can turn toilet water into, not wine, but pure, clean, life giving, drinking water. Cool!


You might say “but I’d prefer the wine“, unless you were in one of the disaster hit areas that prompted Michael to get his thinking cap out again.

Clean water is not only difficult to transport, it’s costly, but Michael Pritchard’s system overcomes the need for such costs and the water produced is not only clean and sterile but shuts-off if it becomes contaminated. Cleaning up, no matter what the matter, if you get our drift.


With predictions of water being traded like gold, Michael, like all good inventors, is ahead of his game and always thinking Outside The Box.  Once more, pure magic is the production of his latest product, whilst the opportunity to display his sheer genius skills of negotiation, in an episode of pure-gold Dragons Den,  is worthy of a Business Oscar.




(Image credit: Article credit: Copyright SUF)