Wizard Idea


Autumn Equinox comes at the time just before the days get shorter and the nights get longer, a time when garden chairs, BBQ, lawnmowers and the like, start being taken to the back of sheds and garages and we all start the great hibernation. However, we know of a garden workshop that, as the epitome of a home business, will be wide awake and very active. 


Throwing pottery, and themselves, into their business, Mick and Kate Glover are craft worker/organisers whose business model is keeping their hands in. Retailing distinctive Witches, Wizards, Goblins and all things Magic there’s not a piece of plastic in sight; Witch (sic) is also ecofriendly.


At Cuckoos Nest Pottery, every one of the pottery pieces is individually made, ensuring that nothing is automated and no two pieces are identical. When organising events for craft workers and artists, the hands on model continues; assuring that equal attention is given to the skills of the artists attending and showing their work. A Mick and Kate event is an opportunity for other home-workers to network, ensuring that distinctive creativity is promoted, whilst moving forward with their businesses rather than being overlooked in favour of commercialism. 


This home business is supported by a different sort of magic to that other well known place, which stands with the intention of keeping us Muggles out. Unlike Hogwarts School for Wizards and Witches,  Mick and Kate’s magic effect derives from commitment to their model, making certain that their pottery is accessible, online or at their events, and that they are accessible to other craftspersons.


We think, as the hibernation begins and as the next prominent Autumn date is Halloween, it’s a perfect time to awaken this bewitching business model to others considering a home business.

(Image credit: lepiaf.geo)