And now the end is near, the end of the year and the end of a decade, also the first line to one of the Nations favourite pieces of funeral music: Frank Sinatra’s My Way.

Being as we are always, in financial terms, bringing up the need to plan for best effect, we thought it might be worth looking at some others who think, although probably not the most sensitive turn of phrase on this occasion, Outside the Box, when it comes planning for endings.

The business model, it would appear from personal experience along with limited knowledge gained from viewing both the amazing series Six Feet Under and Richard Wilson’s Two Feet in the Grave, is that time is of the essence in the event, often under circumstances when clear thinking isn’t at the forefront of actions, of a funeral.  An event which, for some includes celebration and needs someone with not only a myriad of organisational skills but the experience and knowledge to bring out as many of the stops that one might not be aware of, but might be available.

A broker of sorts is required, to be there for the person who isn’t, someone who will negotiate on their behalf and Liz Lee is such a person with The Fantastic Funeral Company being such a place to go offering consultancy and advice for such end-of-life issues.

Their business model is one in which the client is accommodated and choice is available.

One in which, when life comes to an end, it can be celebrated. Whether traditional, or alternative, it’s possible to use a Wish List to truly sing out “I did it my way”

Life is ever changing and, as this Company proves; when life comes to an end our choices shouldn’t stop.  There is more beyond the flowers.

UPDATE: 2013 – Liz has moved to pastures new, and regrettably, her business has ceased trading.

(Image credit: qthomasbower