Free as a Bird

As businesses operate from one business cycle to another any economic uncertainty results in change and, as business models change, reorganization occurs which can further fuel economic uncertainty. Enter the Freelancer, the person who doesn’t want, to or can’t risk being, the employee that is laid off.

 The fields in which freelancing occurs vary greatly as do the skills necessary to survive in business, therefore we thought we’d introduce a freelancer who illustrates (literally) the creative use of the diversification business model for freelancing. Clive Byers is one of Britain’s leading bird artists  but his skills are further extended to maintain his focus of self-employment.

Defining the often blurry lines of art isn’t a problem for Clive. His abilities are recognised as artist, photographer and specialist illustrator. Known for his ability to seek out the important minute details in natural history and, from his extensive experience in the field as Environmental Surveyor, he’s a true expert in bird identification.

Both expressive art and illustrating  demand fine observation from the artist but, as anyone with even the slightest interest in natural history will be aware, accuracy is imperative for the field. A skill that shouldn’t be underestimated, for both a changing world and the world of business.  Skill combined with expert knowledge are two elements that make Clive stand out, add his business being both service and product based he naturally illustrates that his success as a freelancer is his diversification business model.

He just put his wings to the test……

(Image and Article credit: Copyright SUF)