Complex, chaos, overwhelmed?  Sounds like an ad for headache medication or some form of network marketing business financial hype. Unfortunately or fortunately, depending on your stance, it’s the language of our era.  Every day some form of chaos or complex crisis is brought to the fore and as we’ve quoted before “any fool can make things complicated , it requires a genius to make things simple“, which is the reason we admire those in the spheres of creativity.

The ability of creating a complex issue into something visually concise is indeed a skill, especially when thinking in abstract concepts.  At SUF  HQ  we have a number of Edward Monkton  products; with his `stick-man puzzling over the ball of wool that is life’  being a favourite, and the abstract Pollock print we have always manages to help us feel energised.

We were therefore very excited to hear about someone taking the idea of  direct approach, with dripping paint on a canvas as a form of expression, to another dimension.  SquidLondon , inspired by Pollock , use inks which,  when dripped upon by water,  react and change colour and, as in Pollocks work, colour and shape suggests the qualities of the subject, illustrating that SquidLondon are a quality product development design team.

On their umbrellas, Viviane Jaeger and Emma-Jayne Parkes  have, so far, created a London Skyline  and Bird Squit, already impressive umbrellas until the rain hits at which point the Squidarella comes ‘alive’  (see video below) and walking in the rain will never be the same again.  As with all designers who lead the way, no one has asked the last person to turn off the light, consequently a walking stick umbrella  is also available which flashes lights and contains a torch and they have supported a local student by pledging £1 per sale to support her fundraising for ChildReach International.

Merging creativity and viability is a business model that, on this occasion, is Brolly Brilliant.

SquidLondon can be found at and we suggest you take a look at the `About Us’ page and `Gallery’ section. They can be followed on Twitter at and have a Newsletter with mailing list at

(Image and Article credit: Copyright SUF    Video courtesy of SquidLondon)