Break Away: Lodging Fusion

You’re there and suddenly it’s all worthwhile. But getting there! ….Threats of cancelled flights, traffic jams and suitable bribes for the children.  And then there is all the packing and unpacking!  Oh!  And what about closing down the house?  Who last had the toaster?  Was it unplugged? Did we take the dog to the kennels? ….

‘Pack up your troubles, c’mon get happy’, sounds good but singing a song, dancing around the bedroom and throwing items towards an open suitcase isn’t quite so easy.

What happened to a relaxing break, with the Keyword being `Relaxing’?  …….Not the “going for a beach holiday and on the way will be climbing a mountain before seeing 6 of the 7 wonders of the world, but, of course, that’s before a stop-off to herd giraffe with a wheelbarrow whilst downloading the most recent App so that nothing is missed while away”  type of break.  A break away can be found in hundreds of places, some nearer than anticipated. However, breaking away from those demons of responsibility and getting back to child-like perspectives is usually far, far away.

So, because  there are hundreds of amazing options we thought we’d pare the process back and go right back to one of the holiday wonderments for the young; Camping. This isn’t just any camping, this is camping with whistles, bells, king size beds, bath robes, under floor heating, free standing bath, and hot tub (actually, we made-up the whistles and bells bit). Canvas lodges, as inspired by African safari tents, with full bathroom and wet room as inspired by Graham and Bre of Pentre Mawr Country House  is a camping model  firmly focused on not being just  camping. This is camping for adults who want to unfurl and unwind and be able to sleep like babes in arms.
In a corner of North Wales  their  canvas lodges offer more than the experience of sleeping somewhere unusual and almost under the stars. There is no cooking involved and any swimming is in a pool set behind a walled garden. Through Bre and Graham Carrington-Sykes offering their family home for grown-up-kids to spend a night, or two or three under canvas,  the only lions and giraffes around will be part of the decor, however,  the surrounding parkland and area is extensive enough to showcase the wilderness of Wales.

Unpretentious, but better than most B&B’s, the sophisticated facilities fusion with youthful business model has, at its heart, guests’ experience as priority. Outside the Box ….and under canvas.

(Image credit: Nagy David  Article credit: Copyright SUF)