It is said that a herder in Caffa, Ethiopia, was so intrigued when he found his goats dancing that he too decided to try the red cherries they had eaten and sure enough he too started dancing.  The red beans were taken to a local monastery, however, believing the berries to be the work of the devil, the monks cast them onto the fire only to release their wonderful aroma which, when mixed with drinks, they held a beverage that enabled them to keep awake during prayers. The beans were considered divine and word soon spread.  Now, Espresso, Americano, Cappuccino, Latte, Mocha, Frappe, Filter, Iced, Irish, Dark, French , Continental or Medium Roast are all part of the language that gives off a buzz before even a drop of coffee has hit the taste buds…..or a fire. With coffee makers having choice of topography, region, bean and roaster along with their specialist knowledge, an appreciation for the coffee bean, as more than a caffeine high to keep you awake, can be made.

You don’t have to be a monk to live a meaningful life, yet successful businesses can’t be run unless they are meaningful to their owners. We therefore couldn’t help noticing, when passing a very small shop front, that someone must have a passion for their business. Intrigue was aroused towards  Haley Draper’s  business model which seems like coffee-bean heaven;  building a business on a passion. Talking with different businesses we’ve noted that the motivation for great business is passion, and that such passion is compelling. With Elfin proportions, The Window   is apparently no Tardis  but clearly redefining the idea of coffee shop. Using every square inch of the property along with skills, experience and a Barista-like  knowledge the business is taken beyond its framework for tasting sessions.

How often has it been heard, said by someone passionate about food, ‘good food, good people good conversation’?  The model of building a business on passion is proving, at – for example – The Window, that small areas may be a key. A small area can soon become a hub for conversation and where there is conversation there is always a sharing of thoughts and ideas, which brings in more conversation and ideas, and the passion is kept alive. Small eateries, small restaurants, small cafes, small coffee shops each have interaction as an element to their experience offered. Having a passion that can be turned into a business takes motivation and, whereas business analytics have their place, anyone in business will agree that it’s the getting on with the job that holds the most value to a business owner. Getting on with the job takes motivation which leads back to passion.

Keeping motivated takes more than red berries and water – Passion is a key element to be applied for a successful business.

(Image credit: Neil Conway   Article credit: Copyright SUF)