The sort of people who manage to maintain a `To-Do’ list-free diary, or approach organising with military precision, maybe have a favourite cook book that isn’t smear-free of ingredients or are able to turn cloth to couture, might shout out `simple, bring it on’, to the thought of planning a wedding;  the celebratory start of a couple’s life together. For the rest of us, who aren’t organised and creative, or even creative or organised in such areas, this is not so simple; especially as a wedding is all about the couple and how they want to uniquely celebrate – Unique costs that precious commodity, time.

 With marriage being a Firm, of sorts, the comparisons to business practice ensure that planning a wedding has a lot of elements which, even for those who’d celebrate the opening of an envelope, isn’t usual to be practiced on a regular basis, it`s foreign place to most of us and easy to get lost in translation.  The wedding market is, as any business market, exposed to quantity, quality and, similar to trading, supply and demand behaviours which affect its purchasers as elements are exposed to various prices, price structures, expenditures and funds necessary. Buying a wedding is a major purchase to which for some couples the affects from outside influences, or conflict of interest, just as in business, would mean a loss for the couple. Add the `marriage’ phrase which automatically adds more pressure than a glamour model’s implants at high altitude; its Once in a Lifetime Day  is no wonder that some couples combine their wedding with a run to the sun. Whether it’s a billowing pink sugar fairytale wedding bursting at the seams with theme, or a quieter simpler style, a wedding, like business, needs to be kept in perspective, with its value protected and being within budget.

A must-have for a successful service-based business is `experience and knowledge’ if they are to provide their customers with the very best service, therefore the business model of Destination Bridal Consultant  –   Lisa Burton  –  we think, is the foundation for any service industry;  Honesty in Customer Service.  By offering dedicated assistance from start  to celebration, the journey of wedding planning is undertaken with those experienced in not only such event planning but also the travel industry.  Self-organising both a wedding and a holiday at the same time is a combo akin to finding a job and house hunting, the special day of memories could soon become memorable for all the wrong reasons. Lisa values the couples her business works with and she’s so ‘Outside the Box’ they don’t even have to remember the sun cream, not until  the couple are back down to earth and suitcases unpacked will that journey end.

Good value is a key element to good business, and in the wedding business the key element to a good wedding is valuing the marriage.  As any experienced partnership is aware, common ground and mutually understanding the goal is paramount, which just happens to be one of the most important factors of a marriage, alongside mutual respect, showing that when committing to work together, business and marriage share the same attitudes.

(Image credit: Glen MacLarty   Article credit: Copyright SUF)