How Not To Get Fried in Business?

Think National Institution and, amongst many things, you’ll likely think Fish and Chips; the salty seaside traditional partnership superlative, which, because everything moves on and changes, needs outside the box thinking such as John McNeill’s  and Hugh’s Big Fish Fight, to adapt in business.

A combination of, seeking out purveyors of the Mackeral Bap  and discovering a businessman who stated an ethos we understood, and having the attitude to carry his ideas through: everyone aspires to be their own boss at some stage in their life, but it’s not until you actually become a business owner that you understand the full responsibilities and implications that come with the role, couldn’t fail to engage us. John’s business, Scooby Snax  is as it says, all about the food and John is all about the business.

Moving  business through the processes of growth doesn’t just happen, as he says, once you’ve set up successful shops you get past the money and fall in love with the trade. With 30 years of catering experience, of which over 15 years have been given to his fish frying business, his attitude is essential for business success; working with it for more than just a means to an income – continually looking to build upon its success. When asked to provide fish and chips at a music festival he readily agreed, although there was a slight problem in that Scooby Snax didn’t have outside catering facilities. For someone, like John, with an OtB attitude to business, the missing trailer or van  wasn’t seen as an obstacle and, when a fellow Fish Fryer had a refit which meant his business would be closed for six weeks, the opportunity to assist and put business assets to use meant that both businesses benefited, as John used his experience in business to benefit both parties with Scooby Too.

As John illustrates in his approach to the basic elements of successful small business, anything is seen as achievable if the appropriate planning  is put into place with products, staff and teamworkcustomer service  and marketing.

With an ethos of potential at the root of his business model; use knowledge and experience for a sustainable product,  John offers a profitable and sustainable future for the next generation and gets to keep those elements in his business.  How to not get fried in business?  Look for potential and build upon it.

 (Image credit: Shawn Perez   Article credit: Copyright SUF)