Eggspanding Numbers

Age is just a number, herefore it’s irrelevant to say that Joe Brown  has a successful start-up business at just 21. It would be more fitting to point out that his inspiring business model means he can enjoy a well spent youth which should give hope to any young person facing difficult choices.

Exciting times started for Joe almost 3 years ago when, aged 18, he decided to start a delivery business in an area close to his home. Serving some 500 regular customers every week, signs of business health and potential growth to his business are in customer retention and acquisition. As a sole trader with 1 family member employee this could be the beginning of a family business as expansion plans are already being made for quicker and wider area deliveries.

Exactly what is being delivered that’s turning into a successful business? Free-range, local sourced hen and duck eggs, with an incentive first order of 6 free, arriving via an eco friendly pedestrian trolley in recyclable cartons.

 Joe is amongst the 15% adults with Asbergers Syndrome who are employeded. His business was started with 3 main aims; “to create an income larger than benefits”, “to keep the business simple but personal” and “to learn about numbers to run the business”. Surpassing those, it would seem he’s going to need aim number 4 and 5 very soon.

Part of the Joe Browns Egg Round  model is Joe, undeterred and inspirational he brings his environmentally friendly product to the centre of a community. At a time when many start-ups are looking for encouraging signs, and businesses a bit longer in the tooth can be feeling discouraged, take note, the numbers speak for themselves. It’s not a yoke, it’s an eggcellent idea at which he’s eggcelling.

When noting that Joe Brown’s Egg Round had doubled its number of business customers last year, another entrepreneur, Theo Paphitis, said he hoped some of Joe’s good fortune ‘rubs off on me!’ 

Photo:  Theo  and  Joe                                                                                                                                      

(Image credit: Joe Brown   and  tedandjen     Article credit: Copyright SUF)