Don`t retire – Inspire.

It takes a long time to save up a wealth of experience which, if invested in a business, can go a long way.  Therefore in some areas of business the start up might, paradoxically, have more value and be more prevalent amongst those who have some mileage behind them because enthusiastic business ideas and enthusiasm have no age barriers but, sometimes, additional experience gives an edge and becomes a business  asset.

Start up businesses such as Pink Moon Cruises are an inspiration for anyone who thinks that the path to a field of grass, namely retirement, to chew their final years away, is one way.  At a time when the future economy is looking to new businesses to take the strain they illustrate that experience is able to support new growth in business.

Anthony and Carolyn Ward began their tourism business on the back of more than a passing interest. As experienced boaters they decided to use their quarter of a century of experience in a business by offering their passengers an unavailable service.  During private bespoke cruises passengers can take the helm, sit back, take tea or retire on the 37ft twin-diesel motor cruiser that is `Royal Blue Sea‘. The approach into York along the river Ouse is an alternative route; this service has never been offered before throughout this river’s history.

Although the idea of doing things that you don’t normally get the chance to do in working life can be left until retirement, this business model flips retirement and opportunity around for customers and business  whilst making a contribution to tourism with the idiom ‘we’re all in the same boat’.
(Image credit: clevercupcakes and Stephen and Katherine Article credit: Copyright SUF)