It’s a constant that change happens  therefore, with trends and economic conditions constantly moving the horizon, market opportunity spotting is an essential, not additional, business skill because growth and survival is dependent on finding the most favourable opportunities that will strengthen  the business model or support any weaknesses created by change.

Previously offering mobility scooter / wheelchair services, Andrew Wylie’s ability as an engineer and commitment to his business, Travel Ability UK , means there are now additional offerings beyond the core retail sales  or assistance for those who require mobility support which equates to a… and then some. Beginning by importing non-traditional mobility scooters with a Unique Selling Point; the chrome and black livery bears some similarity to a Harley Davidson. Potential purchasers were next offered options further beyond the traditional with access to custom design scooters. The ability to travel with a difference has been further extended by merging engineering creativity, re-cycling parts and recognising a market opportunity. The resulting reduced sized Land Rover and Jeep have been created as the start of a collection suitable for the children’s market, with plans for other iconic vehicles in the pipeline and bespoke enquires welcome.

Changes which influence products and services offered, or changes for business and customer, are many and varied therefore exposure to market opportunities, like much else in business, requires planning to transfer change to an opportunity that can be seized as an advantage. Taking market opportunity can be nectar-giving for a business when the necessary combined preparation of standing back to consider the impacts of change to business, planning ahead for any potential changes and being selective in reaction to the changes, have been undertaken.

Growth opportunities are found in all industry sectors’ markets; when it’s prepared to customise, any small business has an ability which affects its own change by design.

(Image and Article credit: Copyright SUF)