No.7 – The Jam Maker – Sweet Success for the Young

Financial markets upside down….. businesses challenged……..  you know the story….

Recalling a similar time, youthful anger and frustration was perfectly displayed in a “Billy Elliot”  dance sequence, to a soundtrack from The Jam. Energy and drive oozed out.

Actor Jamie Bell played Billy when he was about 14 years old.  At the same age Fraser Doherty was having jamming sessions…. with his Gran.   Jamie went on to be a successful actor, The Jam a legendary group and Fraser   an Entrepreneur with an  Enterprise.

Self-Employment  can be daunting ; especially for young people who are likely to have limited experience in all things financial.  Energy and ideas they have in bucketfuls but without people such as Fraser, as an inspiration, their motivation could disappear.  With depressing statistics coming out every day young people need confidence in their abilities; just as Fraser did…… he was SuperJam packed with ideas.


(Image credit:  Article credit: Copyright SUF)