A Sticky Problem

A Sticky Problem

Whereas, on my sweet-tooth’s spectrum, I’m undecided where chocolate sits (mainly because there are so many options for added sweeteners melted into it) I’m in no doubt I’d take honey over sugar syrup any time and that not even on my sugar spectrum’s horizon are desserts from what is generally termed Asia (although I’ve had some good pastries from off-the-grid bakeries, and not-so-great from commercial retailers, my dessert or pastry experiences have never been fulfilled).

When a dessert can’t hit the spot it’s the same as when all else fails…. Reach for the coffee. Too often I’ve struggled with bland tofu, bean curd and sticky fruit rice. Why then have I left it so long to have Vietnamese coffee; I had my first this weekend. Sweet, strong and hitting the spot. Does this mean I’ve given up on finding an Asian-region dessert for my sugar spectrum? No because predilection and culture are developed from a myriad of reasons. My preferences (my sugar spectrum) and my culture (more of my sugar spectrum) mean that I’ve probably been looking in the wrong places.

Predilection and culture resulting in looking in the wrong places brings me back to business: I do like my metaphors…

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