Grimacing, shouting, hiding eyes behind hands and admiration continues as we follow the athletes at  Whistler  who, without exception, give it their best shot.  Astonishing camera work allows empathy for situations we’ll never be placed in physically, whilst confirming, with the challenge of bad weather , the concept of metaphoric mountain.

During the last couple of years, probably the most frequently asked question to us  is, ‘What is going to happen?’ Applicable to all facets of how life is lived or business is played out ; a very reasonable question for the general where, why and how.  Applicable to where balance is placed, why a route is chosen and how prepared one is;  a huge question.

It’s rare to meet someone who hasn’t had the image of a solid wall of  mountain style black rock  placed in front them with a stream of further problems running down and around it. Unless it’s a man-made simulated climbing wall, your personal Everest  or Sca Fell  will have some factors in common with the real deal. The temperature will alter, oxygen will be in short supply and anticipated difficult manoeuvres will be impacted by any heavy loads and steeper climbing.  Blizzards on the climb could blur visibility to the point that it’s impossible to see what is around.

“Ability is what you’re capable of doing. Motivation determines what you do. Attitude determines how well you do it ” As the sport coach said.

How do you say with confidence  ‘I can climb any mountain’  before you’ve experienced any climbing?  Climbing high might not be the objective.

On another note, would you climb Everest or Kilimanjaro?
The people over at have a few ideas for you, go check them out!

(Image and article credit: Copyright SUF)