Tense, nervous headache?  Nothing acts faster than, for those who remember the ad,  Anadin.  But, according to an article we’ve read ,  before the quick trip to your local pharmacist for the required prescriptive or non-prescriptive pain killer, check out your cash. It seems that counting money might be the pain preventer alternative to paying to block the pain.

According to the study, one’s feelings of self-worth increase when handling paper money, and those who are already equipped with a strong sense of self-worth, seemingly have the pain threshold of a London Marathon Runner, in character costume on a very hot day.

The guinea pig students, thinking they were counting money to test for dexterity, counted out 80  x $100 bills or the same amount of blank paper and, as you do after handling money, dipped their hands into hot water, at which point their pain threshold was measured. One of the study’s authors, Kathleen Vohs, has said “When people are reminded of money in a subtle manner by counting out hard currency, they experience painful situations as being not very painful”.
We say; when people are reminded, in a subtle manner by counting out their hard earned money, they may be in hot water, they experience the pain of the situation.

Is handling money and pain such a new idea? Maybe Lucozade could help, it used to `aid recovery’.

(Image and Article credit: Copyright SUF)