Time Warping and Waiting….

We’re waiting….. Watching and waiting……Transition, shift….It’s happened.  The continuum of time, whether from the much caricatured Einstein  or the Beam-Me-Up Scotty  type means that so often we all wait for something to happen, and then, the moment passes; or is happening in another sphere.

The recent much discussed budget is now relegated to the history books and some will elect  to wait for the next thing. What exactly are we waiting for?

‘Buzzing’ around is a list relating to fly swatting methods. Rather than waiting, Barack Obama’s method, at that time, was to obliterate with a single blow, however, other suggestions include; aim ahead, focused slap, approach either side, improvise, and, our favourite, the chopsticks ‘Man who catch fly with chopstick accomplish anything’ . The general message is,whatever the method, be ready to strike because before you can wave a chopstick at a fly, everything shifts.

Mindset attitudes need to change to cope with transition, only last month credit card industry changes were agreed, and the Government announced the roll out of their MoneyMadeClear generic personal finance advice service. For common knowledge, just like common sense, isn’t always so common; for example, some creditors have free client advice services and codes of practice i.e. Finance and Leasing Association’s Lending Code and the Banking Code, are available to access.

With constant and complex combinations of shifts; rising living costs, drops in income or reduced working hours, money management attitudes aren’t immune from change or distortion during uncertain times. Moving to a better or safer place, doesn’t always follow on from watching and waiting. Sometimes it’s better to get out and see what is waiting, relativity speaking.

(Image and Article credit: Copyright SUF)