Monthly Noteworthy News:

Budget 2010

With the AAA status of the UK being threatened and a general election looming ever closer; the main points of the budget are now generally know but a roundup can be found here.


FSA Advice Site

The Government’s free money guidance service will offer consumers advice on a range of money issues from 1st April. MoneyMadeClear will give guidance to consumers in all areas of personal finance and offers comprehensive advice.


Local Authority Business Grant Incentive

According to the Forum of Private Business (FPB ), councils could free up to £150 million in match-funding from the government by pledging the money to bolster small business rate relief, following the latest round of LABGI grants. The scheme is aimed at encouraging business growth by providing councils with grant funding that is not ring-fenced. FPB have said  “Let’s give the money back to the businesses that are trading and get the economy moving again.”


March Musings: 

Try to Can the Spam – the difficulty of having the F-word attached to our business name

Financial Robots – A reminder about personal credit history

Reacting to Gear Changes – One size doesn’t fit all

Brief Encounters with the Economy – Economic Indicators

Outside the Box- SquidLondon – Brolly Brilliant Designers

The Sky is Falling Down – A True Story about Scams

And finally…. Thank you to the person who pointed out that Spring: Scaffolding’s Going Up mentioned gambling lambs: since altered to gambolling; much to the lamb’s disappointment.

(Image and Article credit: Copyright SUF)