An amiable travelogue is just what’s needed at the end of a busy day and “Around the World in 80 Trades”  (C4 Thursday pm)  has pushed all the right buttons.

Profit, not being made by betting on imaginary capital in an imaginary market,  but by trading “in cash” with the reality of losing everything. he is buying, selling, and trading locally whilst on a trip around the world. ….The simple founding principles of a free-market….. Having to find the demand, find the supply… and do the deal.  Expecting to come across a monster with no scruples, but plenty of self-endorsing patter and cliché…. instead, finding a likeable Banker.

From the City, a man who isn’t idiotic enough to be an Apprentice for Sir Alan, but manages to take chilli sauce to India.

Along with horse called Steve and a sense of satisfaction.