Hold Steady?

Until more is known about the economic outlook and effects of the EU referendum, the Bank of England has again held rates, in an eight to one vote. Following Bank of England Governor Carney stating there would probably be ‘some monetary policy easing’ required, monetary policy and additional measures are expected to come about in [...]
Budget Gap – My Generation

Budget Gap – My Generation

Sustaining a balance is an ongoing challenge for businesses (and householders) - Throw the Brexit fallout into the mix of low base-rate, house price-to-income ratios being proportionately sky-high, plus a scarcity of property stock, and some consequences from leaching in the economy are inevitable. Caution is aligned to such draining, and easing-off seems to be [...]

Insight – May 2016

"According to......." According to @enf  collecting data about housing costs is a worthwhile exercise. Kudos. 1979 was the year that San Francisco’s Mayor imposed a rent control, 70 years later, data inspection shows an average 6.6% increase (mostly year on year since 1956) – rent control or not. Eric Fischer cites ‘It would take a [...]