The Bank with a tagline: The Moments That Matter  experienced a technology ‘glitch’ (a description adopted for anything that has a wire attached, but doesn’t work) when a part of Lloyds Banking Group’s technology managed to disable some of their hundreds of thousands of customers from using debit cards and cash points over the weekend.

Apparently, two out of seven servers went down for TSB, Lloyds and Halifax customers who had cards declined in shops, and cash declined by the hole-in-the-wall.  The impact from underpinning technology problems goes beyond the Bank’s customers being let down (I’ve been there and it IS very disconcerting).

The effects ripple out into business,  with losses of sales and necessity of negotiating payment of ‘consumed’ products (i.e. petrol/meal out, etc) … out into the realms of confidence in the Bank … out, for some, even into the realms of  (for moments that matter) Customer Relationship Management .

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