By chance, I witnessed a Stoat chasing a Moorhen at a sun-dried pond. The remarkably skillful hunter with staying-power and the courageous and resilient hunted was edge-of-the-seat viewing. I’ve previously seen this hunter doing the same with a Rabbit – which looked bizarre when the much larger prey fell to its hunter. The endless energy needed by all these animals reminded me of working days.Stoat2
The most common question, despite everything that has happened in the finance markets and loan markets, relates to the predatory behaviour of hunting down a low interest rate. The ‘best rate’ for most means the lowest rate – the rate put out by lenders to attract borrowers. The ‘best rate’ for me is the lowest rate available with the best terms, otherwise, it’s a deal breaker.
It’s the best when it allows someone to escape, intact and (especially in business) with a maximized net worth.
Fearless and bloodthirsty little creatures, the Stoats’ characteristics seem a good starting point when looking at ‘best rates’.
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