A darkness falls over the office, crackling lightening is accompanied by a rumble of mind-movie thunder whenever a belief has to be shattered. A reflex is a certainty from the person who is going to experience the adult version of the child who asks  “is there really a tooth fairy?”

Despite keeping in mind this is someone who asked a direct question, a letdown response is still anticipated, as they are told, “No, sorry, not possible for you.”

No wonder the public are confused!

As another person excitedly comes to us and tells us about the latest residential mortgage offering available with a high LTV (loan-to-value) that makes their much-debated plans possible; which in reality, for the majority with a distinct inflexible plan, is highly unlikely.  An audible NOOOO!….  usually means the research they’ve put into their project is worthy of an award from their landline or broadband provider.

We don’t make this stuff up. Any combo of high advance and low interest rate residential mortgage is unlikely  unless someone is in exceptional circumstances or the client has been on a pilgrimage to the mythical lender processing-modification department.

Money lending measurement has always been priced to risk therefore while there is no denying the market is confusing, in reality, it has always been so, despite amazing advertising evoking an empathetic attitude, lenders are there to sell their products; most of which aren’t as potentially flexible as the staff’s job descriptions, which seem alter more often than a digital photo frame is capable of rotation, as internal mechanics react to market changes.

As for something good after something bad, finance products are available  and movement is possible  …….you just have to understand where the rainbow starts…  and ends….YES!


(Image and Article credit: Copyright SUF)