Sustaining a balance is an ongoing challenge for businesses (and householders) – Throw the Brexit fallout into the mix of low base-rate, house price-to-income ratios being proportionately sky-high, plus a scarcity of property stock, and some consequences from leaching in the economy are inevitable.

Caution is aligned to such draining, and easing-off seems to be currently given equal print for central banks and growth, however, from the conversations I’m having, the adage ‘the bigger the challenge the bigger the opportunity’ has yet to show signs of lessening, for business owners and lenders.

I doubt this is a ‘bullish’ attitude because the people I’m speaking with have by now all experienced at least one strong shock wave which has contributed to their understanding of limits, for exposure…. recovery….and consequential opportunity.
Whether they can second-guess the economy or not, generating wriggle-room and margins is important.

Article credit: Copyright SUF © 2016