Like some middle manager after a monotonous meeting, calling off at Bar-information as a kick back response to any `nasty’ encountered in the border areas of business is a tempting idea. Reaching for that overload cocktail to take away the economic effects of Stuck-Record Syndrome seems like the perfect quencher to dampen the constant fighting of fires.

An unusual syndrome which manifests usually after an attack from the complex viruses Can’t and/or Won’t. Highly contagious, these viruses are to be found all around the area of business but more especially in areas where repeat behaviors are shown, hence some confuse the syndrome Stuck-Record with these contagious viruses. The symptoms of Stuck Record Syndrome, denying innovation, marketing opportunities, management practices, technology and strategy in general, can manifest a chronic form for business, especially in terms of restricting growth potential.

To avoid SRS and stay grounded takes a healthy tonic taken from something that successful businesses hold; discipline.  Be aware before you begin mixing your tonic that you probably can’t do everything, don’t forget to measure everything you add and have some sort of plan of what you want to make.

1. Start by valuing the business you have

2. Increasingly put in focus

3. Keeping the mix clear

4. Be aware of anything you can add of value for your customers

5. Prepare to invest in your business

(Image and Article credit: Copyright SUF)