Swigging back any discipline tonic and deliriously chanting the plan, strategy, review mantra to keep the business cogs turning is meaningless without action, and might not be sufficient enough to get rid of a business virus. Once down that path of least resistance, making any plan can have you feeling like you’re back at school facing homework after a long day. Good intentions get waylaid, distractions creep in, and more inviting pleasures shout out.

Business plans can be exciting but only when any slump isn’t exhaling a veiling breathe of stupor nearby, at which, in a dragon’s sniff, all good intentions go  from inspiring to impeding the more thrilling things.

Enter Action Plan, the vintage victor for any size business on a retro route to recovery with the assistance of trusty pen and paper to get your thoughts down and focused on the work to be done and getting you nearer to a strategy for each of your objectives.

No Action Plan, no strategy. No strategy, no opportunity to reach an objective or review, nothing to keep business accountable or on track.

The devil may be in the detail, but it’s sinful to have no strategy for your business and risk drowning in mere existence.

(Image and Article credit: Copyright SUF)