An evil little beast that creeps up unannounced, self-perpetuating and quietly feeding away on procrastination until the point of bursting, with the potential of burying its host.  The host can be any one of us, business or individual, it doesn’t differentiate.  As any business owner, self-employed person or freelancer will understand, Slumps are easy to slide into, not quite so easy to escape from. In fact, just about anyone will know about the Slump Monster at some stage due to its energy-sapping symptoms.

Distractions down paths of least-resistance quickly lead away to areas dripping with Slumps. In pursuit of an ideal, all focus is removed from the environment as it changes and the Slump can be waiting, mouth wide-open, like a trap door at the end of the  slippery-slope trail. Escape is an arduous return journey, attempting to combat difficult terrain that had been ignored, with the varmint in close pursuit vaporising all vitality.

Keeping focus in balance whilst looking around for the next step to take is where the Slump lays in wait. Get the balance right and immunity is built up on the path of success; get it wrong and exposure can be savage.

Sliding towards a Slump is often not recognised for some time because symptoms can be delayed and the Slump is sneaky therefore prevention is better than cure.  Protection against an attack is increased by regular monitoring and keeping eyes wide-open to signs and indicators.

3 Ways to Stop Slump Striking

1.    Have a `health-check’, network and use other professionals to ensure that no potential Slumps are lurking.

2.    Use `focus’ on productive areas to shield against a Slump

3.    Keep ‘Alert’, the breed of guard dog needed to protect against Slumps.

(Image and Article credit: Copyright SUF)