Underestimating research, marketing, gross profit, net profit, price point, assets, staff, management, costs in general and any number of other facets leads very quickly to a business’s self-appearance being Under Capital. In terms of time, money, goods and services, by going back to basics, Business Beasties one  and two  and three  can be avoided.  A routine confrontation with Toolow, the weighty monster that causes business pressures, should enable weak areas to be identified.

Each vying for and requiring attention, businesses are made up of several elements which, even when managing to avoid or get through the Classic Mist Take, will, to run and grow the business, remain an ongoing organisational challenge.  A  360 ° check with  20/20 vision overview to assess all the demands and evaluate any weak areas is, in itself, a logistical nightmare.  Appraising and checking the skills required for each element needs to be undertaken regularly because, assuming they are Under Capitalised, the business is deceived and doesn’t venture near Under Estimate;  just the sort of place where the deceptive Business Beastie Toolow awaits.

By focusing on the weak areas where it hides, especially Under Estimate, Businesses can easily eradicate the problem of being caught out by Toolow.  And, after such measures are taken, if  Under Capital remains the challenge area, the business is equipped with its primary weapon against any Business Beastie; Recognition, the `light bulb’ moment to running a business.

 (Image and Article credit: Copyright SUF)