Meandering is a luxury that business can’t afford because there is never a let up to some Beastie or another lurking around the corner amongst the daily tasks of analysing, processesing, retrieving, evaluating, organising, considering, servicing, deciding, project managing, production overseeing, budget setting, employee welfare,  product price setting, marketing selection, innovation or variety consideration. The combination of responsibilities that a business has, with any associated information, can mean that General Fatigue is likely to show up. This usually happens about the time that business management decisions are being taken with all the gusto of someone under the influence. General Fatigue is found at Bar In-formation, partaking of the cocktail, namely, Overload.  With a basis of overwhelm this business cocktail is a mixture of complexities that come from managing and organising a business whose effect of decline and doubt isn’t an unfamiliar response amongst some excess.

Specifically a response to incessant routine, Bar In-Formation was borne from a tipping point of persistent and heavy amounts information, therefore any decision to halt all communication and head towards Bar In-Formation is understandable, the consequences are meeting General Fatigue being counter-productive.  Being isolated from any information, rather than chilling out, the business will become further disabled in setting priorities, the Overload cocktail will take effect and integration of business will be impossible. The more time spent there, the likely exit taken will be the downward spiral. Business, having missed any necessary news and facts, will have a lot to catch up with in order to function well, however with a volume of fresh items and less time available, return visits are usually made to the vacuous Bar.

Anyone who is confused doesn’t really understand the situation,  goes without saying in terms of business, because business is complex and needs inquiring minds to consider its complexities and nuances, and good management of business is making choices. Small business is privileged with the ability to be in control; talking directly to customers, discussing business needs and highlighting the personality of the speciality that is the business. There is no doubt about the volume of information that passes through a business but Bar-Information is a destructive place to head into.

(Image and Article credit: Copyright SUF)