YouGen’s Cathy Debenham recently asked the question “How many cyclists does it take to boil a kettle?”  Her Blog included fascinating numbers, and debate followed at SUF Headquarters about Business Cycles.

How many employees does it take to maintain a Company? How many regulations does it take to manage a Company? How many entrepreneurs does it take to start up a Company?  It’s all a bit chicken and egg.

Joseph Schumpeter contemplated boom and bust cycles, adaptation to new market conditions and economic circular flows and cycles with someone who is willing to be innovative, the entrepreneur, as key.

Keynes has especially been much talked about throughout the last twelve months,  but with current market conditions and recent history we’re wondering if Schumpeter will be the next decades flavour.

IT  innovation is altering all manner of business therefore perhaps the defining question for economist to consider should be the cyclists and boiled kettle because without sustainable energy both business information, and business in general, might be left in the Dark Ages when it comes to transforming opportunity.

(Image credit: WizPip)