Deciding factors for shopping commonly include price, quality or choice. Deciding factors for personal banking might be interest rates, additional services, convenience or, it seems from Sainsbury bank’s pre-tax operating profit increase of 40% last year, the loyalty card points.

Ways to tap into potential customers: It is our business to quickly restore value-added infrastructures that provide key differentiators between us and our competitors, may have been discussed at the annual review before the decision to expand the roll out of GP Services. Much like ‘Tesco Law’, ‘Sainsbury Surgery’ might be perceived as a game changer but picking up the tea-and-sympathy biscuits after minor surgery, or experiencing a checkout process with the walking-wounded nearby, will depend on what the customer wants…. or is driven to.

The idea of a rent-free surgery in the calculations might be sufficient for any wanting to consider one of the seven additional practices but with no mention of double points, or who’ll eventually take up the slack for the rent, will it have sufficient benefit?  It may be that co-payments further down the line of the Health and Social Care Act 2012, coming into action (April), will fill in the gaps.

Being a driven customer is the latest experience for the TMW (The Mortgage Works) landlord applicant where tenants receive housing benefit. No longer will borrowings be available after Nationwide made the decision to clarify their policy. We seem to be making headway against competition benchmarks. Have we checked that they haven’t changed direction?  And yet, within two days, they completed a massive U-turn, apparently listening to the market…. 

And so it is for some loan customers of, Australian owned, Yorkshire Bank, following the calling-in of loans  that haven’t reached their termination date. The drive to find alternatives might have assisted in reducing the bank’s portfolio by £300m – due to loans reaching maturity, or exits from customers.  Excellence carries a significant risk of over-reach. By targeting and repurposing mediocrity our risk profile becomes excellent.

It’s been a ‘choppy’ year  for RBS with only £600m in the bonus pot and they’ve agreed to cut down the size of their US investment business, by selling part off (in the next two years) and restructure capital buffers in response the FSA. The State-backed bank intends to focus on the UK economy; lending to British households or small business.

There was a crooked man, who walked a crooked mile. We made him Head of Finance, and now we’ve made a pile.

All quotes attributed to @managerspeak

Image and Article credit: Copyright SUF