Wednesday, June 8th 1949,  saw the first publication of a book which, putting the ideologies aside, has its basis about the removal of individual thought and freedom and the control of information. With the Bankers`  party over and politicians retreating to the playground to continue their squabbles, it would be very easy to think about the resonance of Orwell’s Nineteen-Eighty-Fours dystopia .

60 years ago we were given such phrases as Room 101, Thought Police, Newspeak, Doublethink and Big Brother. A recent phrase not from the book, but could well have been, is  ‘ Computer Says No’ –  having always been a staple of the majority of large corporations but in the   contrary  industry of finance it’s a phrase which is increasingly being used.

Over the years we’ve learnt to ignore the unpleasant elements of the finance world and focus on the important issues hence the lenders we use aren’t always the obvious choices because we have access to human beings.

Candles are also being lit this year for:  Barcode 35 years old, Dilbert 20 years old and PayPal 10 years old.

(Image credit: VeryBadLady   Article credit: Copyright SUF)