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Commercial property investment

Looking for assistance in clarifying which products were accessible to them and not realising some hadn’t been identified; our client came to us about to make a long term investment in a commercial property which had additional living accommodation above.

The seeming mountain of choice was proving confusing and distracting them from running their business. Planning ahead, they wanted the whole of market appraising, to develop their understanding of the right mortgage, as well as the application process handling.

In essence they wanted the hassle removed, additional strength to execute their strategy and a fair and fit-for-purpose product.

Re-mortgaging for a spread portfolio holder

We were asked to identify ‘better rates’ for a spread portfolio holder who’d decided it was time to re-mortgage.

Ensuring no costs had been overlooked and appraising the value structure of Indicative Terms they held, from a lender, we unfortunately had the uncomfortable task of explaining that any application they made would be disabled because omitted pitfalls were identified.

As irritating as this was for them, they found knowing where to start in being able re-evaluate their position, and being aware that risk averse lenders require accommodation, was a useful exercise.

Capital raising, with better rates

Identifying ‘better rates’ can be time consuming, purchase choice isn’t simple, especially when it’s coupled with family and friends adding their opinions to any online information that’s been gathered.

Therefore it was no surprise for someone to come to us looking to evaluate their research against our knowledge, but it was a surprise for them to discover capital raising was feasible at the same time as achieving better rates.

Commercial Finance

100% Finance for Independent Business

We often find that independent business owners understandably try to use existing business relationships to access finance, only to find their expectations for a response aren’t met.

Such an enquiry came about from a client who’d wanted intervention in the purchase, using one hundred percent finance, of a children’s nursery.

We began by peeling back the layers of the proposal, not influenced by any lender, the proposal needed to be worthwhile for our client by evaluating advantage of the purchase: analysing costs, lenders, underwriting criteria and examining what could realistically be achieved and sustained.

Preparation was given to approach lenders who would, at a senior level, equally find the proposal advantageous.

This was accomplished with simultaneous use of the information to negotiate a reduction on the purchase price.

Complex Re-financing Options

Every penny counts in business, therefore, not only in an unfavourable financial environment, re-financing can improve the quality of the resources available.

A company of several Directors were taking time for a given overall picture of their health sector business, when we were approached.

Looking for guidance, advice and support, they were questioning if they were being restricted by their current lender, they wanted to identify the most appropriate option for re-finance and have all the stress removed from the time consuming examination.

To evaluate the matrix, facts were gathered and clarity evaluated for a precise company identity, anything which might have been sidelined by the lender was prepared and available for their reassurance.

Utilised by the company, to shake in front of a lender to improve conversation, their relationship has been maintained to improve the health of the business and capital raise.

Improving Lender Terms

Having an ongoing relationship with a lender isn’t assurance that an open discussion can be had with them or that they immediately appreciate situations that businesses find themselves in.

Looking for improved terms from their lender in what appeared to be a stagnant market, this business owner had a retail showroom and wasn’t aware of the underflow of product ranges and viable lenders. The benefit of applying apt finance was improved terms and an opportunity to capital raise.

Similarly for a pharmacist, with minimum disruption, elements of the business were linked and strengthened, the tightened budget had spending to best effect from a re-finance.

One client remained with their current lender, the other had option to change their lender, both received guidance and support for an informed independent decision.

You’ve saved our bacon – I didn’t think anyone would take us seriously.
Pharmacy Chain Owner

Just bloody brilliant.

Building Developer

Unbelievable professional… Worked tirelessly to solve the mortgage issue I had, as a matter of priority. I can’t recommend them enough.

Property Portfolio Investor

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