Budget Gap – My Generation

Budget Gap – My Generation

Sustaining a balance is an ongoing challenge for businesses (and householders) - Throw the Brexit fallout into the mix of low base-rate, house price-to-income ratios being proportionately sky-high, plus a scarcity of property stock, and some consequences from leaching in the economy are inevitable. Caution is aligned to such draining, and easing-off seems to be [...]

Insight – May 2016

"According to......." According to @enf  collecting data about housing costs is a worthwhile exercise. Kudos. 1979 was the year that San Francisco’s Mayor imposed a rent control, 70 years later, data inspection shows an average 6.6% increase (mostly year on year since 1956) – rent control or not. Eric Fischer cites ‘It would take a [...]

Insight – April 2016

Tell Me What You Want! I Don’t Want to Set the World on Fire….. According to house-hunters, as surveyed by Go-Compare, central heating and double glazing, followed by a garden, secure doors and windows, off-road parking, a bath tub, local shops and amenities, friendly neighbours, good broadband connection, good energy efficiency rating, a landline telephone, [...]