Big Bucks but Small Change

On Monday 30th March the BBC present their first online pitch in the Online Den, the web version of Dragons’ Den. Aspiring entrepreneurs will have the chance to secure up to £50,000 worth of investment. Deborah Meaden and Theo Paphitis are also experiencing a change in one of their business’.

Money Stress Test….

Financial Institutions’  ‘Stress Test’ is unlike a test of stress for the majority of us. Credit Scoring, central to the lending process, can be a test of stress for us all. It can be stressful for Financial Institutions finding, altering and adapting credit scoring models and deciding whether to use people or computers. It can [...]


When the curtain was removed, the Wizard from Oz was revealed to be an ordinary person. A charade was exposed - The wizard was found out as a con-man and fraudster, but what, as so many believe, were the hidden symbols? The celebrated Wall Street investor, Madoff, aroused little suspicion with his investment strategies and it [...]
How Dangerous is Cliche?

How Dangerous is Cliche?

How dangerous is cliche?  For example, the stereotypical teenager is moody and unapproachable, think of Bill Gates when he was in his teens locked away with his computer. Young people have energy, drive and talent - but usually not money.  They are a mirror of culture and demonstrate that in the most refreshing and creative ways, [...]