Inflation Report – Brexit

How Brexit will affect businesses and the economy in the near and far future remains an enigma and the most recent Inflation Report reflected such. As the Banks' way of stemming negative impact on the economy, the announcement of initiating a Corporate Bond purchase programme described the necessary investment grade bonds as ‘representative of issuance [...]

Hold Steady?

Until more is known about the economic outlook and effects of the EU referendum, the Bank of England has again held rates, in an eight to one vote. Following Bank of England Governor Carney stating there would probably be ‘some monetary policy easing’ required, monetary policy and additional measures are expected to come about in [...]
Inflation Report: 6 Degrees

Inflation Report: 6 Degrees

With no change in policy for two years, the consistent `not if, but when' continues on the static 0.5 % rate that’s held for six years, when the latest (Q4) report was issued by the BoE. Analysis in this recent Inflation Report of economic outlook has downgrading to global outlook, and friction on inflation giving way [...]