Musicians, writers, scientists, artists from every field, and historical figures, were among the famous and not-so-famous; language wasn’t to be a barrier and fictional characters even entered the discussion after a recent `#Watercoolermoment‘  with Enterprise Nation  (e_nation)  which had us thinking about our fantasy guests at a dinner party.

Thus the debate began, and ran with added complications; do we include the dead amongst the living?  And what about those who may only be well known for the delivery of a catch-phrase line or two – How much more is there to such a person?

One such person relevant to the discussion, to business and to many for his well-known line, “I don’t build in order to have clients. I have clients in order to build”, is John Galt . Fictional architect in Ayn Rand’s   Atlas Shrugged  has much thematic interest and relevance; collapsing economy, growing sense of helplessness and businesses disappearing. The effects upon business drives the plot towards Value and Choice being brought to question. Galt needed financial support to enable his success whilst business leaders and workers held the economy on their backs through their creativity and achievement, hence much for discussion, but maybe not the life-and-soul of a party.

As we’ve got an unusual combination of guests and the list is getting longer, we’d offer an invitation to Joy Cowley  and take example from her Growing Season, opting for a very large marquee (or two) and we’d  change the quiet lunch into a street-type party where everyone could meet and chat,  a form of extended  Watercoolermoment  because there is never enough time in the day…..  and we’d add fireworks…..

Mmm!…..  Fireworks?  Maybe we should revise the guest list…..
 (Image credit: kevindooley    Article credit: Copyright SUF)