Not only in business can mistakes, to expand or contract in response to confidence or uncertainty, be costly, therefore not an unusual conversation with a small enterprise, at a time of uncertainty.

Discussing concepts within an owner-manager’s business talk led away from the actual situation to what if possibilities: past, present and future. The difference between dialogues, in terms of uncertainty, of previous times, and which is taking on a life of its own, is the addendum of slow growth impacting growth prospects.

Arguably, uncertainty is a driver of business, therefore, there is a connection between uncertainty and growth; what if conversations shouldn’t be surprising: with little reassurance from the constant volatile nature of national (and global) news items, varying government response and sometime conflicting data related to the economy, cautious is a response.

My purpose was not to confuse but to distinguish that, when level measurements are implemented, gauging expansion or contraction moves away from being external and returns uncertainty to a relevance; taking a conversation away from “what if” theorising, back to affirmative when.

(Image credits: Brett Jordan  and  gogoloopie  Article credit: Copyright SUF)