Climate is what you expect; weather is what you get.

The difference between weather and climate  was much in the news this weekend. Complicated weather measurements are the information  that climate scientists need for their predictions whilst the climate of our economy is measured by its economic indicators .

Whether purchase or letting, depending upon the climate of finance, the environment responds and currently it appears to be those who can step-up to the property market and those who can’t; a Two-Tier system. As first-time buyers are becoming less able to get onto the housing market, the middle and top-end buyers are those remaining able to move around, therefore, it stands to reason, that a two-tier housing market is inevitable unless there is some support or change in the environment of home purchase. The lack of finance for first time buyers means that many can still not afford to climb onto the first rung of the ‘property ladder’ and nasty practice such as Gazumping  can be an indicator that the environment is changing.

For those at the start of home purchase it is going to get worse before it gets better,  by which we mean that although the availability of funding is likely to be deemed as more accessible, the criteria necessary to obtain such funding will become stricter. During the climate of excess borrowing some accessed finance to which, at that time, seemed achievable to repay but in the current environment has proved that a long term view hadn’t unfortunately been taken.

We used to feel out on the fringe with our attitude towards the environmental impact of climate change and the environment of finance, however, we stand firm in the belief that climate change can be an opportune and significant time for long term trends and attitudes to be changed in all areas of our lives.

(Image and Article Credit: Copyright SUF)