The precursor to the G20 Summit (London April 2) is the G-20 Finance Ministers meeting ( this weekend). The preparatory gathering is supposed to lay foundations for the main meeting, however, with a division of goals between the U.S.A. and some European members; ‘finding a one size fits all’ could be interesting.

The Europeans seem tending to want private equity and hedge fund regulation, U.S. policymakers seem tending to want European regulators to get tougher with their Banks, which can be much more highly leveraged than U.S. commercial Banks.

According to The Telegraph, a house price forecast by Numis Securities (NS), states that UK house prices could fall by a further whopping 55%.  With a 21% fall to date NS states that a buy-to-let investor panic will trigger an avalanche of further selling.

The mainstream media is constantly releasing surveys, facts, figures and forecasts but tends to not tell the full story behind them….. Statistics is all about Data  –  Probability is all about Chance. Fair Valuations are coming through to us with an approximate 20% decrease over a 16-18 months period, therefore the report appears alarmist and perhaps does not allow for any probability.